When to Go

The Best time to go is during their summer season. The streets of Disneyland will be packed with disney tourists and you will experience the full essence of the magic of Disney. The summer is known as Toy time. The temperature during the peek summer season can reach up-to 34 degrees Celsius, so do remember to take plenty of water when visiting the parks, and do prepare for long queues for some of the popular attractions.

Disneyland Paris is open throughout the year. They have amazing theme events spread out every year such as the famous Halloween Festival, where all your favorite disney characters are dressed in spooky outfits put on a display of some of their most amazing parades and shows. The temperature during halloween is between cosy and very cosy. The Halloween Festival usually starts in October up until 31st October where on that day people gather for their famous Halloween Party in Main Street USA.

Christmas is also a prime time for visiting Disneyland. The entire park is covered in christmas decorations and you really feel the spirit of Christmas. Snowflakes falling on Main Street USA, Father Christmas roaming around the parks making sure all the children get presents. Christmas is a time where thousands of people will come to visit the attractions, see the Christmas Parade, and shows, enjoy the firework displays put more importantly to make use of the Christmas Sale in all disney shops.

The Christmas season starts in November until December.


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