American Flavours

  • Casey’s Corner**, sponsored by Coca-Cola (Disneyland Park, Main Street, U.S.A.): Base-ball fans will be delighted to wash down their hot-dogs with soft drinks to the sound of ragtime music.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet Restaurant** (Disneyland Park, Discoveryland): Plunge into the cartoon world of science fiction! A décor from the nineteen-fifties, a giant rocket launcher full of 3-eyed extraterrestrials… all the ingredients are there for you to try the house special: the Pizzaburger, a hamburger with a mini-pizza on top!
  • Parkside Diner *** (Disney’s Hotel New York®): In a typical 1930s setting, try typical New York dishes and international cuisine.
  • Chuck Wagon Cafe** (Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne®): This restaurant has a selection of Wild West style dishes; the best barbecue in town! The restaurant has a children’s menu.
  • Planet Hollywood *** (Disney® Village): Join the famous stars at Planet Hollywood! Take a look at the famous handprints and souvenirs straight from the films. The lights twinkle while you sip your cocktail and enjoy hamburgers, salads and desserts. And then, who knows who you’ll meet…
  • Annette’s Diner *** (Disney® Village): Happy Days are here again in this typical décor of ’50s America. Come and join in with the “shoobi-doo” and hum the great classics. Your giant hamburger with milk-shake, or your sundae for two will be served by waitresses on roller-skates!
  • McDonald’s ** (Disney® Village): Located on the Disney® Village Marina, fully glazed and decorated with an Italian theatre theme, it is outstandingly original and friendly. In particular, it has an indoor children’s play area.
  • New York Style Sandwiches ** (Disney® Village): Feeling peckish? Just stop at this authentic New-York deli and try its many sandwiches and cakes.
  • Backlot Express Restaurant **, sponsored by Kit Kat (Walt Disney Studios® Park): Club and baguette sandwiches, quiches, saladas and pastries.

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