Planning Your Stay

To comfortably see all the attractions at Disneyland Paris you need an minimum of 3 days. The main Disneyland Park is big and you need at least 2 days to see it properly.

You can easily see all the shows and attractions of the Disney Studios Park in 1 day. In the summer it can get hot and children are easily exhausted. Its best to reserve at least 4 days during these hot periods.

Many People like to visit Paris while they at disneyland and you really need to reserve a full day. Its best to leave early morning on the day you wish to visit Paris as queues for the Eiffel Tower and other sites can take up-to 3-hrs.

Like all major cities you can’t see everything in 1 day, so you must plan which sites you would like to visit to avoid disappointment. If you are including the Louvie Museum as seen in The Da-Vinci Code”, then I recommend you to reserve 2 days for Paris. (The Museum is Big).

When you arrive at the Disneyland Parks “check-in” is a simple and quick procedure.

Check-in is usually at 3-pm, if you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage at the hotel in a secure luggage room and start to explore your Hotel, the Disney Village or have a bite to eat. It is also a good idea to Register a charge card with the hotel.

This will allow you and your family to buy items from the shops and dine at the restaurants and it is all charged to your room. You can also register for the shopping service. You can buy items and have them delivered to you hotel room, so you wont have to carry bags around with you when your visiting the parks. (Only Applies to Disney Hotels).


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