Park Information

Latest Opening Times

Disneyland Park

Park opening hours vary dependent on time of year but in High season the park opens from 1000-2300 daily.

If you are a resident in one of the Park Hotels then you get exclusive access to the park from 0800.

Please check with us exact opening hours for your stay

Walt Disney Studios

Again the studios have different opening hours dependent on the time of year but in High season the studios tend to open from 1000-1900.

Please ask us for exact opening hours for your stay

Park Regulations

Appropriate clothing must be worn. Shirts or T-shirts and shoes must be worn.

No flash photography or video recording allowed on the rides.

Disney film crews work in Disneyland® Park; if you don’t want to be filmed, please avoid the places where they’re shooting. Smoking, eating and drinking on the rides and in the queues are forbidden.

Some restaurants, rides, shows and shops are seasonal and have to be refurbished, and may therefore be closed without prior notice. The times of shows and parades may be cancelled or delayed without notice.

Park Equipment & Services

Park Equipment such as Push chairs & wheel chairs are available at the park. There are also a-lot of services we do such as animal care center, picnic sire, letter boxes, currency exchanges, guided tours, First Aid, lost property and many more. If you require any of the above equipment or services or have any special requirements, then contact us and we will advise you the best possible solution.

Rides & Attractions

Some rides and attractions may not be suitable for guests who has medical conditions. If you require any detailed information on which rides & attraction have warning labels then contact us.


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