Visiting Paris is always on visitors Hit-List whilst staying at Disneyland Paris. Paris can be easily Reached by the A4 moter-way. Those who came by Air or Euro-star have the option of traveling to Paris by an organized coach or simply take the Paris Metro System.

The metro system is similar to the London Underground. Each line is colour coded and is just as easy to use. It takes 45 minutes to get to Paris by the metro system. The Red Line “A” will take you from Disneyland Paris to the Center of Paris. The station is only 2 minutes walk from the entrance of the Disney Parks & Disney Village.

If you are unsure how to purchase tickets you can visit the friendly Information desk inside the station and they will be able to advise you the cheapest option. The price of a travel card is around 12.50 euros per person.

Paris is a large city and cannot be seen in 1 day. Plan your visit in advance so you can see what you want. Some of the famous tourist attractions are:

The Famous Champs-Elysees. The main shopping area of Paris. You will find all the famous Designer Label shops as well as popular international labels. The street is long, with many side roads, filled with restaurants and bars and shops. For Handbag lovers don’t forget to visit the home of Vouis Vuiton., where they feature every exclusive hand-bag & purse made.

The Eiffel Tower – The famous land mark of Paris. If you want to go up the tower I strongly advise you to be there early as possible. By Midday you can be standing in queues of up-to 4-hrs. Its also best to enquire before you travel as they do close the top floor if there are bad weather conditions.

The Arc de Triomphe – Another Famous Arch building, a tomb of some famous guy, died long ago. At the top of the building you can see an excellent view of the Champs-Elysees. Queues are not long like the Eiffel Tower, so you can turn up, buy your tickets and wait a minimum of 15-minutes before you go up.

The Museum Du Louvre – The famous art Museum of Paris as seen in the The Da-Vinci Code and home to the Ultra Famous “Mona Lisa” and “Venus”, the Greek Goddess of Love also knows as Aphodrite. This place is not to be missed, but I strongly advise you to reserve 2 days for Paris if you want to see the museum properly. Its massive. You will be walking up and down steps, corridors, basements. The distance to see all the items in the museum, every room etc comes to 5 miles.

Organised Coach Excursions are available from your hotel which covers a wide range of Sites and is priced at 44 Euros.


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